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So . . . Around Christmas, my 1TB external hard drive broke . . . I'm trying to see how long I can survive without it . . . before I run out of space on my laptop's hard drive . . . Actually, it's more likely that I crack & shell out the money to get the data retrieved first . . . because those 30-something dramas, 15+ movies, 100 or so Shounen Club episodes, 3 years worth of Music Station shows and various other TV shows, mp3s, PVs, concerts, etc. are important to my existance sanity . . . They're just important, okay? . . . Do you have any idea how many times in the past month & a half that I've wanted to watch the PUZZLE concert DVD again? Or just how badly I want to finish The Quiz Show 2 and ProDai? Or much I want to watch Ohitorisama or Yatterman? Or the feeling of finally wanting to watch anime and the following realization that I couldn't because Kuroshitsuji, Rose of Versailles and any other anime that I'e DLed recently were on that freaking drive?!?! Argh!! Not to mention the fact that The Devil torrent that I've been working on for A YEAR and was finally at 90-something% was on there too!! AND my practically all my HEYy!x3, Music Fighter, TFP2, Utaban, Music Japan, etc. among other things were on there . . . ( TTTTTTATTTTTT )

On the other hand, the Korean Wave has finally hit me like a ton of bricks . . . or like JoKwon on flail, your choice . . .

And I'm serious about it this time, not like when I was on my BIG BANG high. Why? Because I've actually bothered to learn some of their names!! I've used a sizeable amount of gigage on music shows!! I've even watched a handful of variety shows!! If this will lead to me getting into K-Drama, I don't know. I may watch a few, but I can't see it ever reaching the level of my J-Drama addiction. It's just a matter of taste in plot/filming style really . . . and that Japan is WAY ahead in technology, so their stuff often has better quality.

Now . . . for my ever special take on the Korean artists/groups I'm currently learning about . . . and what I remember them for!!

I love SHINee, I really do. They're awesome, talented, pretty and that's basically all you need for a boy band, right? XD Ha ha, no. I think they have HUGE potential for the future and really look forward to seeing what they'll become. Their style is unique which sets them apart and their young ages give them so much room for growth . . . Bleh, noona much? XD . . . Anyways, my favorite member is Key at this point though it'll probably change cause my favorite member always changes.

I don't know that much about them . . . Actually, I've only bothered looking into them earlier this week, but I can still say that I want Jay to comeback . . . Er, aside from that, they're like the manly-man group, right? Though it's not like there's much competition when you have groups like SuJu running around . . . I like that Nichkhun guy, he's funny and rather good looking and dude, they recruited him at the Korean Music Festival! Er, their names are maybe 60%? Or rather, I could probably name all of them, it's the connecting to a face that isn't quite there yet.

To tell you the truth . . . I haven't listened to any of their music at all! I just know there's one guy (Changmin?) that's not cute at all and completed his miliatry service and my favorite JoKwon!! Who could not love him seriously?! He's just so spazzy and flaily and ghei and dramatic and I love it! He also makes the best expressions liek ever!!

Brown Eyed Girls / BEG
Come on and do the "Abracadabra" dance with me everyone!! Definitely the K-Pop dance of 2009! I only know them for that dance/song and Gain being JoKwon's wifey though! XD

So Nyeo Shi Dae / SNSD
I really like "Genie" in all it's leg-spasm-dance glory. "Gee"'s cool. I've listened to them since they debuted, but never paid them much attention. I don't know what to make of them yet . . . I just know there's one girl (the good dancer) who's face annoys me for unknown reasons, that Yoona sometimes makes faces that make her look obnoxious, and I somewhat like this one other girl (the one with the round-ish face).

Super Junior
I've known them for QUITE a while, but only recently did I learn all their names and more about their personalities thanks to the ever wonderful YouTube! I love "Neorago" and it's dance too as well as many of their other songs. Right now, I'm into "Reset" . . . Currently, my favorite members are HeeChul & Leetuek, DongHae's cool too though . . .

DBSK / Dong Bang Shin Ki
The only reason they're here is because I find it amazing that they manage to win awards in Korean even though they've spent most of 2009 in Japan!! Let's hope they stay together to continue putting out great music!! They really do have amazing harmonization . . . I even bothered to buy their latest Tohoshinki single to support them . . . Sorry, this one was so random and fragmented, but I've always known about them, so I don't have anything to report on them.

Kim Tae Woo
I was first introduced to him at last year's Korean Music Festival and was suuuuuuper impressed by his voice. As my friend likes to quote me on all the time, "That guy has a set of pipes!!" And really, he DOES!!

The one that always comes back. Composed of: "that guy the was Rui in Boys Over Flowers", "the Yamapi fanboy", "the guy that calls himself 'Sexy Charisma'", "the youngest one with the funny eyes that has a similar name to 'that guy the was Rui in Boys Over Flowers'" and "Y-something-Saeng with the pretty voice" . . . Anyways . . . I'm into "Love Like This" lately.

a.k.a. "They're the one's that "Mister" song, right?" . . . Ah, they also danced with SHINee in this really cute performance of "Juliette" . . . And have one member that looks like Amuro Namie.

Soooo . . . I was thinking that I was missing someone and then I realized that the song playing on my media player was "LA chA TA" . . . I like them, another young SM group to look out for. Oh, and they all have really easy names like Amber and Krystal, right? I'll learn them soon then!

Basically, it was their headrolling dance in "Mystery" that did it for me . . . even though I still can't do it for myself. (T^T) I like their other promo song "Bad Girl" as well. I tried to remmeber their names sometime last week and I don't think it worked . . . I only remember "dog boy" Ye Seob . . . then there's "Joo-something, the rapper", "the cute one that was supposed to be in BIG BANG", plus three other guys . . .

I like their music, I like that G-Dragon likes them too, I dislike their styling . . . especially Sandara's . . . "Lollipop" killed for me, seriously . . . Ah, I don't mind Minzy or Bom though . . . CL is questionable and tends to be either/or for me.

After School
I don't like them and I don't know why.

"Bo Peep, Bo Peep, Bo Peep Ah~~" Ha ha, yeah . . .

MC Mong
He's funny . . . anyone with a song like "Indian Boy" who performs in the way he does is okay by me! Ah, being with Wonder Boys to do "Genie" gives him brownie points too.

I only remember being unimpressed.

Other groups I hope to learn more about and who's music I plan to listen to: Wonder Girls (since their in the States now, it can't be helped), Son Dambi, MBLAQ, U-Kiss (cause what kind of name for a boy band is that, really?), The TRAX, F.Cuz, SG Wannabe, F.T. Island, Fly to the Sky (Yes, I know they broke up), Clazziquai, Lee Hyori, Cherry Filter, Epik High, Dynamic Duo, C.N.Blue, Wheesung, Rain, Bulldog Mansion, Younha, ZE:A (They're like suuuper new, right?) and generally more solo artists . . . I only gravitate to groups first because their names are usually in English and I can therefore remember them even if I can't remember the names of individual members. The same things happened with Japanese music, it began with groups such as NEWS and L'Arc~en~Ciel.

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For whatever reason, I felt like posting today . . . I've been more on Facebook lately due to certain games I've been hooked on . . . Or not really hooked on, it's more that I have a strong desire to beat other people at the certain game and I won't be satisfied till my score is higher than theirs! Ha ha, I'm one of those people that really hates to lose!!

At any rate, I've VERY recently gotten back into anime. Well, it's not like I ever really fell out of the fandom as I've still continued to regularly attend cons & buy some anime related things here and there, it's just that I haven't watched much anime in the past three years nor have I kept up on the latest series. Sure I've watched a few things since I graduated high school, a few movies such as Tekkon Kinkreet, Gake no Ue no Ponyo, 9 centimeters per second and so on & watched bits and pieces of series such as Kuroshitsuji and Hetalia: Axis Powers. I even watched the entire X anime . . . But I really haven't been all that active on the anime scene . . . I actually haven't felt like watching or reading anything.

I've actually been on a Asian music/J-drama high and you can partially blame Johnny Kitazawa for that! Darn Oujisan dragged me in with the rest of the Japan's female population! Ha ha, well, that's sort of fading as of late with all this Yuuma w/ B.I. Shadow & Snow Prince Chior stuff that's going on! Not to metion that Kis-My-Ft2 now annoys me, JUMP hasn't released any music in OVER a year, Yamapi's solo single song w/ the nasally sounding voice, Daijiro quitting the company and Question?, Butoukan not having any new songs to sing on Shounen Club nor A.B.C-Z for a matter of fact, or rather the lack of A.B.C-Z in general, Uchi's . . . existance attitude. At any rate the only good things I got out JE this year were Kanjani's "PUZZLE" album & concert DVD (especially the Dokkiri), LANDS, Takki's solo project, and the increase in appearences for They Budou . . . And Arashi, because Arashi is Arashi and they can, therefore, do no harm! . . . In actuallity, I'm probablly in denile over ther recent pimpage of KisMai and NOT A.B.C-Z or even Question or B.A.D. B O Y S . . . *sigh* At any rate dramas have taken the past few years of my life I've finished roughly twenty this past year alone and would have watched more if my computer would allow it!

Asian music too or mostly J-Pop has taken me. Aside for the JE stuff, I've been into w-inds, BIG BANG, ayaka, EXILE, AAA, GLAY, DBSK, mihimaru GT, UVERworld and so on . . . I've been torrenting things like crazy and have even had the chance to go to some concerts! The most recent one was Uchuu Sentai NOIZ, but GLAY, VAMPS, An Cafe have also made stops here in LA I also saw SHINee, SS501, and sereral other Korean aritsts at the Korean Music Festival this year and . . . Utada Hikaru will be coming in January! I've already got my tickets, but the concert's going to be in a Tuesday, what the hell?! Actaully, the concerts on January 19th, her birthday!! I wonder why that is? Ha ha, at any rate, I'm totally looky forward to it!

So that's what I've been up to, buying idol magazines and killing my hard drive with videos of Music Station. Attenting conventions in street clothes and staying up past midnight watching some Arashi drama. Listening to BIG BANG's latest single on repeat and learning the dances to Kanajani8 songs. Anime has hardly been part of my life . . .

Until this past week . . . when a local CD/DVD store was having a sale and I had this ton of work to do because we ALL know that the latter is what ALWAYS triggers this sort of thing. I bought the entire series of Last Exile on DVD and found Code Geass: Lelouch of Rebellion in mp4 format and began watching both last weekend . . . In addition, I also started and finished the first season of Yamapi's Code Blue and began the Nodame Cantible drama as well as the first THE QUIZ SHOW series . . . I expect to soon finished all of these series in the next week or two . . .

After that I was thinking about K-On!, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Yu Yu Hakusho and/or Hunter X Hunter. For dramas: Last Friends, Proposal Daisakusen, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, THE QUIZ SHOW 2 and/or Yume no California . . . Though there's a higher chance for the first three because I've been craving something with Ryo, Yamapi, or Kame since I finished Ryuusei no Kizuna, Code Blue and MR. BRAIN which they acted in respectively.

Well, it's bye bye cha for now . . . Till whenever it is that I suddenly decide to update again! Probably four months from now! XD XD XD

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And poof, like magic, I re-appear on this journal page!

Ha ha, how has everyone been? Me? I've been tired as per usual . . . Wait?! Who am I talking to? ( ^ ^;) As if anyone actually reads this page . . .

So, school is almost over for the semester and I have finals starting tomorrow . . . Er, today since it's already 1:19AM already. ( >o< ) I should SO not be up . . . Yet I am . . .

And I still have my take-home math test to finish up . . . *sigh* But that's my fault, nee?

I WOULD have had it done earlier tonight, but god damn Johnny had to go and do weird shit again . . . Is it a freaking REAL debut or not damnit!!! . . . I question his choices sometimes . . . None the less, I shall look forward for this month's Shokura for one reason and one reason only. A.B.C-Z. For the second ep, they're going to sing "STAR SEEKER" and Goseki and Hasshi are going to exchange letters . . . Though I kinda ponder if this re-hashing of older songs is a good or bad thing . . . Butoukan is recycling as well . . . As is KisMai . . . *sigh* *contemplates converting to w-inds./BIG BANG/DBSK/etc.*

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So . . . School finally started for me and I'm not enjoying it very much . . . I don't particularly love enjoy taking the bus home either, but it's not too bad because it allows me to get home early. My classes are "eh" for lack of better words. I mean, it's school what do you EXPECT me to say?

Systems of Mathematics - Boring as hell AND we started with graphing I HATE graphing I really do . . .
Geology - Equally boring, teacher isn't all that great.
American History - Really good teacher, would be intersting, but too early in the morning (7:45AM) for me to actually be enthusiastic about it.
Japanese 2 - Okay, I suppose . . . I don't know my attention span isn't long enough to sit through a two hour class. ^^;

Work is "eh" as well . . . the general public is stupid and that's what I have to deal with. >_> I had some lady call me stupid yesterday cause the bitch couldn't "andastan da wards tha ah cahmin aut ov mai mahth". Okay, now imagine that with a Chinese accent . . . >_> I hate fobs.

Progress is slow for above reasons. ><;;
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FANDOM: My Daily Dose of Ghei
- I like the new Arashi/Ohno single and think I shall be stopping by Sanseido to buy it on Wendnesday
- Kato Kazuki is FINALLY coming out with a new single! I havent't heard it, so I don't know if I'll buy it or not, but maybe?
- WHAT'S UP WITH TOTTSU?! WHAT'S WRONG WITH HIM?! T^T Who will they show on screen during the line "Miwaku no Angel" now?!
- "RESCUE" is good for KAT-TUN. I personally find it refreshing and considering my fainth in the group hasn't been kept lately, I'm happy.
- Gackt + KinKi Kids synergy = AWESOME Mmm, yes, that Domoto Kyodai was great! Gackt was SO cute and smilely! >o< Best un-recognized friendship/pairing/OT3/whatever you want to call it . . .
- Hyakushiki is SO un-appreciated and also very educational.

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Konnichiwa~! Minna-san, genki? Aatashi wa . . . Hn, ma-ma desu . . . Kyou no tenki wa chotto samui desu ne . . .

^^; I've been forcing myself to study Japanese . . . I'm making progress, maybe? Ha ha, my goal is to know 250 kanji before I go back to school . . . dakara gabarimasu~!

So . . . Now, I'm just being lazy really . . . Oh, and I've also been wonderfully distracted by dramas, but I finished the two main ones I was watching, so I should get back on track soon ><;; . . . My recent Butoukan hype should help too.
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Personally, for me, '08 wasn't a half bad year. In terms of my fandom, it was amazing actually. I got to do and see a lot of amazing and fun things I've been wanting to for a while.

Anyways, this year I . . . :
- Went to Japan and spent an entire week there! I really wish it was longer though . . . one week is seriously not enough . . . not to mention we missed the sakura blooming AND the X JAPAN revival concert by mere days. Ah well, getting to visit Akiba, Kinkaku-ji, and Shibuya just about made up for it, so it's okay. ^_~ Not the mention the oh-my-gosh crazy amazing food we ate especially that takoyaki in Osaka, the udon at the Tokyo fish market, and the okonomiyaki in Kyoto. @_@ Even the konbini onigiri and Moss Burger were awesome! >w< I can't wait to go back . . .
- Saw MatsuJun just meters away from me. Ha ha, so I went to the movie premiere thing he had here in L.A. . . . I didn't get in, but it was still fun! ^^; I'm not even really a MatsuJun fan, but oh well. Ha ha.
- Watched DBSK perform "Rising Sun", "Purple Line", AND "Ballons"! This was at the Korean Music Festival . . . I also got to see Super Junior T (+ one more, I think it was SunMin . . . Is there even a member with that name? . . . I only remember HeeChul's name cause he's really 'special' like that), Lee Min Woo, Fly to the Sky, SNSD, and others but the whole reason I went was for DBSK and the fact that they say the songs that they did was oh-my-holy-crap awesome! XD Plus JaeJoong's triangle shirt, ha ha! XD
- Saw An Cafe live in concert! . . . And disturbed my relatives by showing them pictures of the band and insiting that they were all guys.
- Watched Shokotan in concert in all her spazy otaku glory! XD She's so cute and hilarious, really . . . Now if only she had brought the Muchaburi magic stick . . .
- Also saw LM.C and GaGaaLing in concert. Yeah . . . Anime Expo was fun this year.
- Saw the majority of the Heroes cast. Cause it went to Comic Com this year and watied in a ridiculously long line. Oh well, they showed us the first ep of "Villians" so it was all good.
- Again went to a concert, this time it was GLAY!!! Words cannot describe the awesome that was this concert really . . . I hope they come back some day . . . And that more people listened to their music cause it's so much better then a lot of the crap some people liten to

So really, all I did this year was go to a TON of concerts! XD Ha ha, I may actually go see An Cafe again when they come in April to California . . . I recently had a conversation with one of my friends about who we'd like to see, so in the spirit of hoping for the future, here are some of mine:
- DBSK/Tohoshiki - The KMF was good, but I want to go to entire concert with just them.
- ONE OK ROCK - They're one of my favorite bands and I love all their songs. And, er, to go see what JE and NEWS are missing out on?
- Kanjani8 - Cause Kanjani is awesome crack and you get everything with their cons from skits to imstraments and dancing and singing and everything in-between . . . And I really want to see Subaru perform in-person. He has amazing stage presence in my opinion . . .
- Kansai Johnny's Jr. - KanJuu are love . . . and crack! XD Kay, so Tammy got me into them . . . And they totally need more love, especially Veteren!!!
- EXILE - Another one of theose groups I'm just a big fan of.
- X JAPAN - For Yoshiki . . . Most definately not for Toshi's voice . . . thought I am, very slowly, starting to not hate it as much.
- EbiKisu/Johnny's Jr./anything as long as A.B.C.'s there - Even a KAT-TUN con if A.B.C. is there . . . Cause anyone who knows about my fandom knows I love A.B.C.. I also really like Question?, KisMai and all the other Jrs. too, so I would like to go to an EbiKisu con as well as a Junior one, but for the sake of prioritizing, A.B.C. is tops . . . On a somewhat related note, I would also like to se Yara Tomoyuki's dancing in-person cause he has the most amazing charisma when he dances (and sings). *sigh* Now if Butoukan were to perform in an Jr. con or something, I'd be totally lovin' it.
- Gackt - Because Alex influenced me to like him and cause his cons are supposed to be all crazy and what not . . . As long as he doesn't ask who he is like at the S.K.I.N. concert! XD
- KinKi Kids - Cause they talk about all the crazy shit that happens at their cons all the time and I've grown to likt their music more recently. Not to metion M.A. will probably be back dancing . . . A Koichi solo con would be good to cause those feature a lot more M.A..
- Acid Black Cherry - I like their music and their lives seem like they would be interesting.
- Arashi - Dude, it's Arashi. They are make or awesome, ghei, sparky, and raimbow all rolled into one. I don't need a reason to want to watch them.

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I'm alive . . . I have a cough and a slight fever, but I'm alive.

Firstly, I'm going to tell you why I haven't been posting even though I've been on winter break: Our computer broke. The hard drive burned out and is now dead. We have to replace it and then re-install all the drivers and comp functions and what not. I'm making this post from my dad's laptop . . . I've been using it once in a while, but I usually use that time to catch up on my fandom like watching dramas or TV shows and listening to new music releases.

*sigh* As for the rest of my life, it's been fine, I guess . . . My Christmas was okay, nothing out of the ordinary. How about everyone else? How were your holidays?

Like I said before, I'm kinda somewhat sick . . . I blame work. XD Ha ha, no really. I woke up with a sore throat and then went to work where I had to yell at a bunch of stupid people and by the end of the day, my throat had gotten progressively worse. ^^; So, um, yeah . . .

This coming weekend I have a convention I'm going to near LAX, Anime L.A.! It's really small, but I look forward to it every year. This will actually be its fifth year in existance and my fifth time attending! ^w^ I'm excited more so this year because some of my kouhai are going for the first time and are allowing me to photograph their cosplay for them!

And, this is completely unreleated by the way, but it hope it rains again. I really really enjoy the rain. Actullay I like winter in general because then I ca wear scarfs and boots and coats! ^w^ Tee hee, yeah, I'm random like that.

Despite all this, I've been able to somewhat work on my song translations . . . I'm almost done with A.B.C-Z's "Vanilla" . . . there this one damned line I can't work out . . .
Progress + Planning detailsCollapse )

- Team Batista no Eiko - So, everyone else is watching Ryuusei no Kizuna, but I've been into this instead. >w< I'm DLing the sixth ep right now where we find out who's the killer. Hmmm, I'm guessing that it's Himuro-sensei, Shirota Yuu's character because, well because of that evil smile at the end of the last episode. ^^; I like it when Shirota plays evil characters anyway . . .
- Galileo - Okay, it's way late but I'm also started on this and ho damn, I'm loving it! I've been curious about Fukuyama Masaharu because I know how popular he is and i like his music and I'm plesently surprised by what I've seen so far.
- X - I finished the anime recently. If I feel like it, I'll write more details later . . . I was kinda disappointed by the ending.
- Tekkon Kinkreet - It was an intersting movie and I liked it. The BG was amazing and so detailed and beautiful! I wish they had mentioned how and why they casted the actors in the documentry though. I mean, it had a lot of big name actors in it, right? Ninomiya Kazunari. Aoi Yu. Iseya Yuusuke. I would much rather liked to have see that then the interview they had with the musicians and director . . . It wasn't even an interesting interview . . . boring would be best to describe it.
- Upcoming drama season - I'm wondering what I'm going to watch . . . For sure I'm going to watch that drama about the forensic science students with Ikuta Toma, Eita, Ishihara Satomi, and Endo Yuya, Voice. I would also like to see Love Shuffle since I've never watched anything with Tamaki Hiroshi or DAIGO and I've only seen Karina in the Koizora movie. Those, I'm pretty sure of . . . The Kame, Massu/Maru, and Ohno dramas on the other hand . . . Are questionable.
- Upcoming releases -
2009.01.07: Takizawa Hideaki - "Ai.Kakumei"
2009.01.14: AAA - "Tabidachi no Uta", alice nine. - "VANDALIZE", Aqua Timez - "Velonica"
2009.01.21: Tohoshinki - "Bolero / Kiss The Baby Sky / Wasurenaide "
2009.01.28: Gackt - "Ghost", Greeeen - "Ayumi", KinKi Kids - "Yakusoku", Koda Kumi - "Trick"
2009.02.04: AI - "You Are My Star", The SHOGOTONIN - "Kyouka Suigetsu"
2009.02.11: AAA - UNTITLED ALBUM, KAT-TUN - "One Drop"
2009.02.18: Acid Black Cherry - UNTITLED SINGLE, Takizawa Hideaki - "Takizawa Enbujo '08", UVERworld - UNTITLED ALBUM
2009.02.25: abingdon boys school - "Strength.", Angela Aki - "Answer"
2009.03.04: Kato Kazuki - "Venom", w-inds. - "Works Best"

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