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3-wk Class Evaluation - kagami_gensou
3-wk Class Evaluation
So, you know I started back at school last month. We just finished our third week & I've been able to properly acquiant myself with my classes, teachers and classmates . . . I sorta want to bang my head on a wall. My teachers . . . I haven't learned anythinng from them in the past three weeks. All of my classes are 2.5 or so hours long which is a REALLY long time to have to sit there and occupy yourself even for me. I've been kinda tempted to skip out a couple times . . .

Firstly, Spanish. I really, really hate it when a teacher cuts me off to correct me instead of telling me it's wrong so I can figure it out on my own. How does she expect met to learn like that? Not that she's good at explaining how things work to begin with. I also hate how the expectations for that class are so unreasonable. I don't know if it's the college's requierments or what, but I have like 100 vocab words that I'm supposed to learn for this chapter . . . but we haven't really even learned too much about forming sentences, so I wonder what's the purpose of all these words to begin with. Okay, so that may actually be a flaw with whoever chose our textbook which is freaking huge by the way! It was $140 and has too many freaking pictures in it which obviously increases the number of pages making the book more expensive! You know, with $140 I could buy another copy of my Japanese 1/2 & 3/4 textbooks plus the workbooks and STILL have money left over! And, and . . . Just, I really hate being in that class. It confuses me too because she sucks so bad at explaining everthing . . . Thank goodness I have a lot of wonderful Spanish speaking co-workers who I can ask instead.

Piano. I've always wanted to learn the piano . . . or the drums . . . but piano's best to start with in term of learning music and we already own one, so it was a natural first choice. This teacher too does that thing where she corrects me immediately instead of asking me to try one more time. Which, again, helps me learn nothing. She, also, has to problem on not explaning things so everyone can easily understand. Since I don't have to have much contact with her or my classmates for this one, I find it more pleasing . . . If anything, I can just plug in my headphones, turn up the volume, and practice on my own . . .

Photography. I didn't know so many boring so-called instructional videos on photography from the 80s existed! I say so-called because none of them actaully explain things in a way I or anyone else in the class would be able to understand! I think I learned more about photography from the first week at the summer school class I took at my brother's high school! The class is pretty big so not everyone fits in the dark room so somethings can't be helped, but REALLY . . . I hope it'll get better as the class progresses because I don't actually have too many grips against the teacher herself yet and I do get along with the people in my class resonable well.

Japanese . . . Oh god, Japanese. It's the only class where I learn things because Takemori-sensei is one of the best teachers I've ever had. However, my classmates . . . my classmatse are a WHOLE different story. Firstly, there's this one girl. Honestly, there's always her. Ever since Japanese 2, I've delt with this problem . . . I'm so torn over telling her exactly what I think & what everyone else tells me about her (how annoying they all think she is) and just continuing to be nice & brush things off . . . I think it's best to honest which I want to be, but I'm her ride home and if things go the wrong way, those 7 minutes could become so uncomfortable . . . It's not that I hate her, she just annoyes the f*** out of me. Also, there's this incident that recently happened which is kinda compicated because it has a bunch of background information, but to make a long story short: I've been studying with a group of three other people. Said group specifically told me NOT to invite her. We always study in a corner of McDonalds across the street from campus. She came in one day, saw us, & possibly heard things that we were talking about . . . Then, the Mana-sama guy who I want to smack in the face & tell to shut the f*** up because no one freaking gives a damn about his god-damned Mana-sama, Kyo-sama, Dir en Grey or any of the shit that he mindlessly rambles on about!!! I dont have to be around him too often, thank goodness, but he's like, still there, and, I always end up sitting behind him which is reeeeeeally distrcting and annoying. Prior mentioned study group also said not to mention anything to him because both he and fore-mentioned girl were in our study group last semester . . . Then, there's this new girl who wasn't in our Japanese 3 class. She's still a high school student and she annoys me . . . quite a bit . . . because she thinks she knows everthing and mopes when she doesn't get something right or the teacher scolds her. She speaks Japanese with this weird accent/thwang that I don't quite know how to describe . . . Like it starts from the bottom of her throat and come out the very top of her mouth/her nose . . . Told you I couldn't describe it. Aside from that, you know how some people have this style where you just KNOW you won't like them, they sorta annoy you even though there's nothing particularly repusive about the way they dress or style their hair? Yeah . . . that's the vibe I got from her the first day of class . . .

Oh, and I lost my iPod . . . I think I'm going to order a new one off Amazon because I know what my dad'll say if I tell him . . . Did you know? I've lost two (now three) mp3 players and three cameras, but I've never lost my cellphone . . . Sort of . . .

In other news, I wonder when they're going to announce more guests for the Korean Music Festival. I'm already looking forward to 2PM & Wonder Girls, but I don't know much about the trot artists that're coming, so I'll have to do some research . . . Hmmm, going with the trend, they'll probably announce another batch of 'new generation' artists . . . I hope there'll be more people I know . . .

My KMF wishlist:
- BIG BANG (or at least G-Dragon because I think he would be freaking amazing live)
- SHINee
- Kim TaeWoo
- F.T. Island (They need to invite a REAL band that actually plays instruments for once!!)
- Brown Eyed Girls (Duuuuude, imagining the entire Hollywood Bowl doing the "Abracadabra" dance SO amuses me.)
- 2AM
- U-Kiss (though they're no really popular, but I like them . . . Besides, multi-lingualism's HOT!)
- 2NE1

Current Mood: bored bored
Current Music: "나쁜 여자야" ("Bad Woman") - F.T. Island

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sara_no_h From: sara_no_h Date: March 6th, 2010 08:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
It is one of my Life Goals to learn the Piano! I really wanted to learn it up at Chalon. But that's a lost cause.

You'll do fine in Japanese...and I still don't understand how you have to take Spanish. Isn't Japanese your second language?

Also, how did you lose your iPod? For shame! I've only ever lost my camera and I was devastated...
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