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Damn my OCD . . . - kagami_gensou
Damn my OCD . . .
So . . . I just sorta felt the urge to post . . . and . . . well . . . since my life kinda sucks (Don't even get me started on my Japanese classmates.), I choose to mostly discuss my fandom instead.

I've basically spent most of the past day trying to fix my iTunes . . . Everything's suuuuuuuper messed up and reeeeeeeally ugly, but I've been avoiding it for a while since awhile ago . . . My lower back actually hurts from being slouched over my laptop since I got up this morning, er, afternoon . . .

So, what exactly is so f'ed up about my iTunes? Well, many things:
- FURIGANA: For one, iTunes is a little f'ing bitch and puts kanji is this weird, really random order which I have yet to figure out. You'd think maybe in ther order of the number of strokes or possibly the grade/difficulty levels, but no "yume (dream)" comes before "te (hand)" and even "getsu (moon/month)". "Ichi (one)" does come first, but there a couple other characters before "ni (two)" is listed . . . So, basically, I have to manually go in a add furigana to all my Japanese songs . . .
- ARTWORK: If you know anything about my fandom, you'd know that I love Johnny's Jrs. and my favorite group of all time is A.B.C-Z. Since they're still Jrs., they obviously haven't released any CDs. So how am I supposed to listed to my precious A.B.C-Z then? With audio rips off Shoukura, that's how! I have a tone of rips from Shounen Club of various groups plus others like unreleased concert songs & song covers . . . Anyways, they are unofficial and therfore have no cover art and that looks really ugly, don't you think? So, I have to make covers for them myself . . .
- KOREAN MUSIC: Of which there is almost none as my K-Pop hook has been reletively recent, so I have add it all to my library. Being the compulsive person I am, this also includes all the files being uniformly titled.
- UPDATING: Even with Japanese music, there's A LOT of stuff that's still absent after so many months. Yamapi released "Loveless" in, what? November? Well, it's still not in my library . . . I don't think I've even added the GazettE's "Guren" single yet . . .

*sigh* . . . Anyways . . . I've managed to learn the names of every other Korean boy band that matters and I think I'll properly start with girl groups soon . . . Why am I bothering to put this effort into learning names, you may ask. What kind of social life- deficiant, crazy fangirl is this, you're wondering. Actually, there's a reason for all this!

One of the many reasons I origianlly gave up bothering with Korean dramas was that I couldn't remember all the characters names so I never knew who they were talking about or what was going on. Male or female, all their Korean names sounded the same to my American ears . . . So I figured, if I learn a bunch of boy names first, I'll be able to get used to the sounds & combinations used for them. That way, it'll be easier for me to distinguish the difference!

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