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Neon nappeun yeojaya ~ ♫ - kagami_gensou
Neon nappeun yeojaya ~ ♫
Damn, why have I not cared about F.T. Island before? I had heard "Lovesick" and "Thunder" previously and thought they were nice songs. Catchy and all that, but I recently encountered a song of their's that just blew me away or rather HongKi's voice blew me away. Just completely floored me really! Like freaking blew my mind! I DLed it last night, listened it till I went to bed, got up and listened to it more until I had to leave for school and have just returned from school and am STILL listening to it! . . . I have seen the power of HongStar . . .

In other news, I don't think any of my classes, with the exception of my Japanese one, are worth attending. If I was actaully motivated, I could probably learn everything on my own . . . I just sit through all of them, not doing anything, often studying Japanese or working on a translation. It's pretty lame really . . . especially when you consider the fact that all of them are 2.5+ hours long . . . How much longer till Summer again?

On to happier things, say, my fandom?

Somehow I'm begining to love 2AM more and more . . . I just watched a series of covers the group did on M!Net and wow . . . JoKwon's "10 Points Out of 10" was amazing. This amazingness is personaified by the fact that I HATE that song . . . A LOT. I didn't care about 2PM until recently for that exact reason.

Then, there's SNSD . . . Okay, not really . . . more like SNSD's dances . . . or more specifically, "Gee" . . . I learned the chorus . . . from the 9 member Wonder Boys version . . . I wish Japan boy bands would do things like that . . . It would be so awesome if NEWS/K8/K-T did MoMusume's "Love Machine" . . . I could SO see some of them totally getting into.

Oh yeah, the Key/ShinDong/Joon/Mir perf of 4Minute's "MUZIK" from KBS' 2009 Gayo Deajun is also rather notable. That and JoKwon/WooYoung/ChangSung/DooJoon's rendition of "Sign" by BEG . . . On the girls' side, the only one that caught my attention was CL w/ GD's "Heartbreaker" . . . Because CL is freaking amazing like that.

Ooooo, BEAST also has that new PV "SHOCK" which I was watching/listening to nonstop till "Bad Woman" replaced it yesterday. Anyways, I'm excited for the live performances to come. They start tomorrow, I believe. On Music Core was it?

Dur . . . names . . . Um . . .
- 2AM (JoKwon, ChangMin, Seo-something . . . SeoLong? Is that it? . . . and the one with the pointy face . . . )
- BEAST (YoSeob, AJ, DooJoon . . . something-Seung, the BIG BANG reject. HyunSeung, is that it? . . . the one that doesn't look Korean, the youngest one . . . Joon-something, the rapper)
- U-Kiss (Kevin, Alexander/Xander/Alex, Eli, DongHo, KiBum . . . the one with that great voice who's the best performer, but claims that he's ugly. Damn, it has "oo" sounds in it, that's why it's hard for me to remember . . . and that uzzlang, whatever you call it guy . . . Wait, KiSeop???)
- MBLAQ (LeeJoon, Mir, Thunder . . . the one with the mustache, something-Byung-something. G.O is his stage name I think . . . and the leader, who's anme I haven't been able to re-call for my life, so I've just been calling him 'and leader-shi' . . . )
- Brown Eyed Girls (GaIn, Narsha . . . and one that raps . . . and one more that doesn't . . .)
- Kara (GooHara, Nicole . . . and three other people . . .)
- SNSD (Yoona, Sunny . . . the tall one that I like . . . the one that dances well & has that weird face . . . there's Jessica, Yuri and Tiffany though I have no idea which ones they are . . . plus two more . . . Don't Jessica & Yuri host Music Core too? Theoretically I should know who they are since I watch the show and their names are only on their mics, but I don't . . . Not that I care too much.)
- f(x) (Amber . . . the other ones are Sulli, Krystal, Victoria and Luna, but I wouldn't know who's who . . . I only bothered to learn Amber right away because she's from LA.)
And it took me a while, but I now know his name is Lee SeungGi so I no longer have to refer to him as that-cute-singer-guy-that-reminds-me-of-Naramiya-Hiroki

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Current Music: "나쁜 여자야" ("Bad Woman") - F.T. Island

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