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Gakkou e ikou . . . - kagami_gensou
Gakkou e ikou . . .
Bleh, Spring semester started today . . . Bleh . . . Just bleh . . .

I gave myself a headache too today. Since I hadn't really studied much Japanese during Winter break, I've been trying to cram all the Fall semester info back into my head over the past couple days. Even today, I was studying. This includes during my first class this afternoon . . . which just happened to be Spanish . . . So . . . I'd be trying to recall some Japanese kanji and then the teacher would tell us say something in Spanish, so I'd have to switch to Spanish. Then, I'd go back to Japanese, trying to remember vocabulary for this or that like this word in English is this in Japanese. . . It's seriously tiring trying to think in three langauges, you know . . .

Speaking of which, I'm not going to like my Spanish class. I can tell already. I don't know why I signed up for it to begin with . . . Oh yeah, that's right, because I coudn't get into American Sign Language and I needed to have another language class! ( >_> ) Can I add that there's too many people in that class too? I hope half of them drop or something . . . I question the teacher too . . . She had us do variations of the same exercise like five or six times! I didn't do them though . . . I don't really care to meet my classmates . . . No to mention English, Japanese and Spanish are rather different grammar wise, aren't they?

Japanese is going to be a bitch too . . . I want to bang my head on the wall when I think about it . . .

On the other hand, I have my eyeliner-wearing Korean boy bands to enjoy! Ha ha, but I noticed that it does seem to be a trend for Korean boy bands of late . . . Like blatant amounts of it, more than what they would normally need to wear as stage performers . . . 2PM totally does, right? Mn, SS501, U-Kiss, MBLAQ, BEAST . . . And of coarse, the ones I blame for it all, BIG BANG . . . or mostly GD & T.O.P . . . Seriously . . . "Haru Haru"'s practically an eyeliner commercial! . . . Not that it's really all that bad or anything . . . 2PM's styling for "Heartbeat" over does it for me though . . .

In the mean time, my quest to learn more about Korean music! I decided, I should learn people's names as the first step . . . You know, since it makes it easier to fangirl if I know what to call them cause having to say "that-guy-from-SS501-with-the-nice-nose" or "the-guy-from-BEAST-that-doesn't-look-Korean" doesn't work as well . . . I figured I should start with the groups since I can always call them by their English group names if I end up forgetting . . . Korean groups whose members I can now identify(and proof that I DO remember):
- DBSK (JaeJoong/Hero, Yunho/U-Know, ChangMin/Max, Junsu/Xiah, YooChun/Micky)
- BIG BANG (G-Dragon/GD, T.O.P, TaeYang/SOL, SeungRi/V.I., DaeSung/D-Lite)
- SHINee (Key/Kibum, Onew/Jinki, TaeMin, Minho, JongHyun)
- Super Junior (LeeTeuk, HeeChul, SungMin, ShinDong, EunHyuk, KangIn, YeSung, KiBum, DongHae, ShiWon, RyeoWook, KyuHyun)
- 2NE1 (Sandara/Dara, CL, Minzy, Bom)
- SS501 (YoungSaeng, JungMin, KyuJong, HyunJoong, HyunJoon)
- 2PM (NichKhyun, Junsu, Junho, TaeCheon, WooYoung, ChanSung, and . . . JaeBom/Jay)

Next???: BEAST, U-Kiss, 2AM, Brown Eyed Girls, f(x)

Ah, and as a side note, I think I'm going to start up my translating comm again . . . I started on an A.B.C-Z article a couple weeks ago, but I've been busy/lazy of late, so I haven't really finished . . .

Current Music: "빙글빙글" ("Binggeul Binggeul") - U-Kiss

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