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Is anyone home?

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One more month. One more stupid month till school's over.

But until then, I'm sure that my room will become a lot cleaner because who doesn't do all the things they were procrastinating before when they find something else they want to procrastinate more?

*sigh* I really need to get out though . . . Well, I went to a concert a couple of weeks ago, but I want to go to a convention! ( ><;) The gap between ALA & AX/Comic-Con is really too long . . . If I could, I'd go to Fanime, but the JYJ concert's on Friday & my brother is going up with his friends on Friday, I think . . . *sigh* Maybe I should start attending some of the smaller events . . .

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I'm bored . . . so I am writing here . . . which really just means that I'm talking to myself, but not really because there are no words coming out of my mouth, so . . . Typing to myself?

. . . I wanna go to Knott's!!!! And have fried chicken and go on Ghost Rider and eat funnel cake and ride Jaguar and eat Dippin' Dots and take a spin on Big Foot Rapids and have apple pie . . . Not neccessarily in that order.

. . . K-Pop fans are starting to annoy me even more than they already did. I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that that boy band member belonged solely to you or that you loved him to the point that you wanted him to be miserable & stripped of a social life as well as sleep or anything else he might enjoy . . . Forgive my ignorance, really.

. . . I wonder if I should even bother with Christmas gifts this year. Do I really have to spend a huge amount of money to buy things for other people just because society & the media say I should? Should I be nice to everyone during the month of December just "because it's the holidays"? No, I don't think I should. I think people should give gifts for no reason no matter what the season & be considerate of others 365 days a year.

. . .

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Just sorting out stuff for myself . . . All the events I've attended this year as well as the ones I might go to in the last two months we have left before 2011 . . . I'll get back to actual posting eventually . . . when I start translating lyrics again . . . or do a music rotation for RCSS or something . . .

12-14(Fri-Sun) ~ PMX @ Pasadena Hilton
16(Tue) ~ Akanishi Jin @ Club Nokia
19(Fri) ~ JYJ @ Galen Center(USC)

4(Sat) ~ Luna Sea @ Hollywood Palladium


8-10 ~ ALA @ LAX Mariott
19 ~ Utada Hikaru @ House of Blues on Sunset

24-25 ~ L.A. Festival of Books @ UCLA

1 ~ Korean Music Festival @ Hollywood Bowl
21 ~ JYP @ The Wiltern

19 ~ Akanishi Jin @ Club Nokia

1 ~ Yoshiki Foundation launch event & X JAPAN music video filming @ Club Nokia
1-4 ~ Anime Expo @ LACC/Nokia Plaza/Nokia Theater
22-25 ~ Comic Con @ SDCC

3 - D'esparisRay @ The Roxy
5 - KYCC Benefit Concert feat. Kim TaeWoo @ Disney Concert Hall
14-15 ~ Hollywood Dodgers Tournament @ Las Vegas
18 ~ Smokey Robinson @ The Queen Mary

04 ~ SM TOWN @ Staples Center
25 ~ X JAPAN @ The Wiltern

Hmmm, I might edit this later to reflect all the other things I did like my trip to San Francisco in March . . . just so it doesn't look like I did anything for two whole months! XD

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But I'm in a rather good mood right now, so I figure I might as well post . . .

So, like, I have to get up at 7:00 on a Saturday tomorrow, er, today . . . Because my uncle asked to see me and he's one of those people I just can't say no to, so I'm going to haul my ass up to have breakfast with him and then go place flowers at the cemetary for my aunt~ *sigh*

By the way, this is somewhat random, but I think Japanese style cemetaries are so much better . . . and more conveinient . . . and prettier . . . and take up so much less space . . . Ah, I miss going to the one in Hawaii every summer. I never understood what exactly what was going on or exactly why the cemetary there was so different, but I liked it . . . Except for the inscence, I really hated the way it smelled and the smoke it made . . .

Oh, and I'm so extatic because one of the artists from my wishlist is coming to the Korean Music Festival!! BEAST/B2ST has been announced!!!! Unfortunately though, when I found out I had no one to share my excitement with so I was left flailing my arms around by myself! So lame . . . But I reeeeeally hope they sing "Shock". I think it's rather likely that they'll do that one plus "Bad Girl". Kara will probably go with "Pretty Girl" and "Lupin". My guesses for 2PM are "Again & Again" and "Heartbeat" though I'd LOVE it if they performed "Tired of Waiting" . . . Wonder Girls will probably be the finale unless they announce someone bigger. (BIG BANG or Rain are the only two possibilites I could think of.) They WILL do "Nobody", I'll be shocked if they don't. Also probably "Tell Me" and "So Hot" . . . I need to investigate some of the other artists' music like guy with the "mosquito voice" Kim something-Kook and Leessang . . . and then figure out who the hell everyone actually else is!!

As if that wasn't enough to look forward to, it was recently announced that Akanishi Jin would have a set of concerts here in LA . . . Now, I'm not even a fan of his. I actually sorta hate him for being such a selfish little bitch and not taking proper responsibility as part of KAT-TUN. True, I used to like him, but who wouldn't with that hip twirl he does and that gorgeous voice? When he was studying abroad, I even used to say that he had to come back or else KAT-TUN would be KT-TUN . . . but now I think Kamenashi is spelled with a KA anyway, so they should they would still be KaT-TUN even with out him . . . To make my annoyance with the man even greater, he's ditching the rest of the group's Asia-wide tour to "prepare" for his concerts! Now ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about him knows that "prepare" really means "go clubing and get drunk" . . . I want to smack his goddamned face everytime I see him on TV yet I STILL plan to go watch him. Why? Because in the end, the ONLY time I like Jin is when he's singing. As much as he annoys me, I can't deny the fact that he has talent . . . But then I become annoyed again when I think about how he's destroying that beautiful voice by smoking and isn't even doing anything to improve upon it such as taking vocal lessons . . . Also, I NEVER thought a Johnny's artist would come have a concert over here! I mean I WAS hoping for Arashi, but I'll take what I can get . . . Now if only certain bands would be willing to take that bajillion hour flight to come over here . . . Looking at you L'Arc~en~Ciel, the GazettE, abingdon boys school, Acid Black Cherry, ONE OK ROCK and UVERworld!!!

Ah, I may get to take a trip up to San Francisco next month too~! I only spant a few days there several years back and the weather was HORRIBLE at that time. It rained like crazy AND it was suuuuuper windy so the rain actually went vertically!! We didn't have much time to look around either though I do remember there being a rather nice Borders there . . .

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So . . . I just sorta felt the urge to post . . . and . . . well . . . since my life kinda sucks (Don't even get me started on my Japanese classmates.), I choose to mostly discuss my fandom instead.

I've basically spent most of the past day trying to fix my iTunes . . . Everything's suuuuuuuper messed up and reeeeeeeally ugly, but I've been avoiding it for a while since awhile ago . . . My lower back actually hurts from being slouched over my laptop since I got up this morning, er, afternoon . . .

So, what exactly is so f'ed up about my iTunes? Well, many things:
- FURIGANA: For one, iTunes is a little f'ing bitch and puts kanji is this weird, really random order which I have yet to figure out. You'd think maybe in ther order of the number of strokes or possibly the grade/difficulty levels, but no "yume (dream)" comes before "te (hand)" and even "getsu (moon/month)". "Ichi (one)" does come first, but there a couple other characters before "ni (two)" is listed . . . So, basically, I have to manually go in a add furigana to all my Japanese songs . . .
- ARTWORK: If you know anything about my fandom, you'd know that I love Johnny's Jrs. and my favorite group of all time is A.B.C-Z. Since they're still Jrs., they obviously haven't released any CDs. So how am I supposed to listed to my precious A.B.C-Z then? With audio rips off Shoukura, that's how! I have a tone of rips from Shounen Club of various groups plus others like unreleased concert songs & song covers . . . Anyways, they are unofficial and therfore have no cover art and that looks really ugly, don't you think? So, I have to make covers for them myself . . .
- KOREAN MUSIC: Of which there is almost none as my K-Pop hook has been reletively recent, so I have add it all to my library. Being the compulsive person I am, this also includes all the files being uniformly titled.
- UPDATING: Even with Japanese music, there's A LOT of stuff that's still absent after so many months. Yamapi released "Loveless" in, what? November? Well, it's still not in my library . . . I don't think I've even added the GazettE's "Guren" single yet . . .

*sigh* . . . Anyways . . . I've managed to learn the names of every other Korean boy band that matters and I think I'll properly start with girl groups soon . . . Why am I bothering to put this effort into learning names, you may ask. What kind of social life- deficiant, crazy fangirl is this, you're wondering. Actually, there's a reason for all this!

One of the many reasons I origianlly gave up bothering with Korean dramas was that I couldn't remember all the characters names so I never knew who they were talking about or what was going on. Male or female, all their Korean names sounded the same to my American ears . . . So I figured, if I learn a bunch of boy names first, I'll be able to get used to the sounds & combinations used for them. That way, it'll be easier for me to distinguish the difference!

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I hate daylight savings time & am resolved to move to somewhere that doesn't have . . . I was thinking maybe Hawaii . . .

Sooooo, my life is still rather un-eventful . . . School still sucks . . . I actually skipped my photography class this week . . . Oh well, I aced my piano test later that day so it's fine really.

Lately though, I've actually been considering watching a Korean drama~! Especially if you consider the fact that the time I tried to watch Goong it was with crappy knock-off subs from the Philippines, I really should give Korean dramas another try! The one I'm particullarly interested in is You're Beautiful. This is, of coarse, because of Lee HongKi~!

Ah, I've been into U-Kiss lately though I STILL can't figure out why they aren't more popular . . . Sure they aren't as good-looking as, say, 2PM, but their music is still pretty good . . . And they have an adorable magnae that likes to knit . . . And, and, Okay, maybe I'm just biased because of the Kevin/Eli/California connection?

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So, you know I started back at school last month. We just finished our third week & I've been able to properly acquiant myself with my classes, teachers and classmates . . . I sorta want to bang my head on a wall. My teachers . . . I haven't learned anythinng from them in the past three weeks. All of my classes are 2.5 or so hours long which is a REALLY long time to have to sit there and occupy yourself even for me. I've been kinda tempted to skip out a couple times . . .

Firstly, Spanish. I really, really hate it when a teacher cuts me off to correct me instead of telling me it's wrong so I can figure it out on my own. How does she expect met to learn like that? Not that she's good at explaining how things work to begin with. I also hate how the expectations for that class are so unreasonable. I don't know if it's the college's requierments or what, but I have like 100 vocab words that I'm supposed to learn for this chapter . . . but we haven't really even learned too much about forming sentences, so I wonder what's the purpose of all these words to begin with. Okay, so that may actually be a flaw with whoever chose our textbook which is freaking huge by the way! It was $140 and has too many freaking pictures in it which obviously increases the number of pages making the book more expensive! You know, with $140 I could buy another copy of my Japanese 1/2 & 3/4 textbooks plus the workbooks and STILL have money left over! And, and . . . Just, I really hate being in that class. It confuses me too because she sucks so bad at explaining everthing . . . Thank goodness I have a lot of wonderful Spanish speaking co-workers who I can ask instead.

Piano. I've always wanted to learn the piano . . . or the drums . . . but piano's best to start with in term of learning music and we already own one, so it was a natural first choice. This teacher too does that thing where she corrects me immediately instead of asking me to try one more time. Which, again, helps me learn nothing. She, also, has to problem on not explaning things so everyone can easily understand. Since I don't have to have much contact with her or my classmates for this one, I find it more pleasing . . . If anything, I can just plug in my headphones, turn up the volume, and practice on my own . . .

Photography. I didn't know so many boring so-called instructional videos on photography from the 80s existed! I say so-called because none of them actaully explain things in a way I or anyone else in the class would be able to understand! I think I learned more about photography from the first week at the summer school class I took at my brother's high school! The class is pretty big so not everyone fits in the dark room so somethings can't be helped, but REALLY . . . I hope it'll get better as the class progresses because I don't actually have too many grips against the teacher herself yet and I do get along with the people in my class resonable well.

Japanese . . . Oh god, Japanese. It's the only class where I learn things because Takemori-sensei is one of the best teachers I've ever had. However, my classmates . . . my classmatse are a WHOLE different story. Firstly, there's this one girl. Honestly, there's always her. Ever since Japanese 2, I've delt with this problem . . . I'm so torn over telling her exactly what I think & what everyone else tells me about her (how annoying they all think she is) and just continuing to be nice & brush things off . . . I think it's best to honest which I want to be, but I'm her ride home and if things go the wrong way, those 7 minutes could become so uncomfortable . . . It's not that I hate her, she just annoyes the f*** out of me. Also, there's this incident that recently happened which is kinda compicated because it has a bunch of background information, but to make a long story short: I've been studying with a group of three other people. Said group specifically told me NOT to invite her. We always study in a corner of McDonalds across the street from campus. She came in one day, saw us, & possibly heard things that we were talking about . . . Then, the Mana-sama guy who I want to smack in the face & tell to shut the f*** up because no one freaking gives a damn about his god-damned Mana-sama, Kyo-sama, Dir en Grey or any of the shit that he mindlessly rambles on about!!! I dont have to be around him too often, thank goodness, but he's like, still there, and, I always end up sitting behind him which is reeeeeeally distrcting and annoying. Prior mentioned study group also said not to mention anything to him because both he and fore-mentioned girl were in our study group last semester . . . Then, there's this new girl who wasn't in our Japanese 3 class. She's still a high school student and she annoys me . . . quite a bit . . . because she thinks she knows everthing and mopes when she doesn't get something right or the teacher scolds her. She speaks Japanese with this weird accent/thwang that I don't quite know how to describe . . . Like it starts from the bottom of her throat and come out the very top of her mouth/her nose . . . Told you I couldn't describe it. Aside from that, you know how some people have this style where you just KNOW you won't like them, they sorta annoy you even though there's nothing particularly repusive about the way they dress or style their hair? Yeah . . . that's the vibe I got from her the first day of class . . .

Oh, and I lost my iPod . . . I think I'm going to order a new one off Amazon because I know what my dad'll say if I tell him . . . Did you know? I've lost two (now three) mp3 players and three cameras, but I've never lost my cellphone . . . Sort of . . .

In other news, I wonder when they're going to announce more guests for the Korean Music Festival. I'm already looking forward to 2PM & Wonder Girls, but I don't know much about the trot artists that're coming, so I'll have to do some research . . . Hmmm, going with the trend, they'll probably announce another batch of 'new generation' artists . . . I hope there'll be more people I know . . .

My KMF wishlist:
- BIG BANG (or at least G-Dragon because I think he would be freaking amazing live)
- SHINee
- Kim TaeWoo
- F.T. Island (They need to invite a REAL band that actually plays instruments for once!!)
- Brown Eyed Girls (Duuuuude, imagining the entire Hollywood Bowl doing the "Abracadabra" dance SO amuses me.)
- 2AM
- U-Kiss (though they're no really popular, but I like them . . . Besides, multi-lingualism's HOT!)
- 2NE1

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Damn, why have I not cared about F.T. Island before? I had heard "Lovesick" and "Thunder" previously and thought they were nice songs. Catchy and all that, but I recently encountered a song of their's that just blew me away or rather HongKi's voice blew me away. Just completely floored me really! Like freaking blew my mind! I DLed it last night, listened it till I went to bed, got up and listened to it more until I had to leave for school and have just returned from school and am STILL listening to it! . . . I have seen the power of HongStar . . .

In other news, I don't think any of my classes, with the exception of my Japanese one, are worth attending. If I was actaully motivated, I could probably learn everything on my own . . . I just sit through all of them, not doing anything, often studying Japanese or working on a translation. It's pretty lame really . . . especially when you consider the fact that all of them are 2.5+ hours long . . . How much longer till Summer again?

On to happier things, say, my fandom?

Somehow I'm begining to love 2AM more and more . . . I just watched a series of covers the group did on M!Net and wow . . . JoKwon's "10 Points Out of 10" was amazing. This amazingness is personaified by the fact that I HATE that song . . . A LOT. I didn't care about 2PM until recently for that exact reason.

Then, there's SNSD . . . Okay, not really . . . more like SNSD's dances . . . or more specifically, "Gee" . . . I learned the chorus . . . from the 9 member Wonder Boys version . . . I wish Japan boy bands would do things like that . . . It would be so awesome if NEWS/K8/K-T did MoMusume's "Love Machine" . . . I could SO see some of them totally getting into.

Oh yeah, the Key/ShinDong/Joon/Mir perf of 4Minute's "MUZIK" from KBS' 2009 Gayo Deajun is also rather notable. That and JoKwon/WooYoung/ChangSung/DooJoon's rendition of "Sign" by BEG . . . On the girls' side, the only one that caught my attention was CL w/ GD's "Heartbreaker" . . . Because CL is freaking amazing like that.

Ooooo, BEAST also has that new PV "SHOCK" which I was watching/listening to nonstop till "Bad Woman" replaced it yesterday. Anyways, I'm excited for the live performances to come. They start tomorrow, I believe. On Music Core was it?

Dur . . . names . . . Um . . .
- 2AM (JoKwon, ChangMin, Seo-something . . . SeoLong? Is that it? . . . and the one with the pointy face . . . )
- BEAST (YoSeob, AJ, DooJoon . . . something-Seung, the BIG BANG reject. HyunSeung, is that it? . . . the one that doesn't look Korean, the youngest one . . . Joon-something, the rapper)
- U-Kiss (Kevin, Alexander/Xander/Alex, Eli, DongHo, KiBum . . . the one with that great voice who's the best performer, but claims that he's ugly. Damn, it has "oo" sounds in it, that's why it's hard for me to remember . . . and that uzzlang, whatever you call it guy . . . Wait, KiSeop???)
- MBLAQ (LeeJoon, Mir, Thunder . . . the one with the mustache, something-Byung-something. G.O is his stage name I think . . . and the leader, who's anme I haven't been able to re-call for my life, so I've just been calling him 'and leader-shi' . . . )
- Brown Eyed Girls (GaIn, Narsha . . . and one that raps . . . and one more that doesn't . . .)
- Kara (GooHara, Nicole . . . and three other people . . .)
- SNSD (Yoona, Sunny . . . the tall one that I like . . . the one that dances well & has that weird face . . . there's Jessica, Yuri and Tiffany though I have no idea which ones they are . . . plus two more . . . Don't Jessica & Yuri host Music Core too? Theoretically I should know who they are since I watch the show and their names are only on their mics, but I don't . . . Not that I care too much.)
- f(x) (Amber . . . the other ones are Sulli, Krystal, Victoria and Luna, but I wouldn't know who's who . . . I only bothered to learn Amber right away because she's from LA.)
And it took me a while, but I now know his name is Lee SeungGi so I no longer have to refer to him as that-cute-singer-guy-that-reminds-me-of-Naramiya-Hiroki

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Bleh, Spring semester started today . . . Bleh . . . Just bleh . . .

I gave myself a headache too today. Since I hadn't really studied much Japanese during Winter break, I've been trying to cram all the Fall semester info back into my head over the past couple days. Even today, I was studying. This includes during my first class this afternoon . . . which just happened to be Spanish . . . So . . . I'd be trying to recall some Japanese kanji and then the teacher would tell us say something in Spanish, so I'd have to switch to Spanish. Then, I'd go back to Japanese, trying to remember vocabulary for this or that like this word in English is this in Japanese. . . It's seriously tiring trying to think in three langauges, you know . . .

Speaking of which, I'm not going to like my Spanish class. I can tell already. I don't know why I signed up for it to begin with . . . Oh yeah, that's right, because I coudn't get into American Sign Language and I needed to have another language class! ( >_> ) Can I add that there's too many people in that class too? I hope half of them drop or something . . . I question the teacher too . . . She had us do variations of the same exercise like five or six times! I didn't do them though . . . I don't really care to meet my classmates . . . No to mention English, Japanese and Spanish are rather different grammar wise, aren't they?

Japanese is going to be a bitch too . . . I want to bang my head on the wall when I think about it . . .

On the other hand, I have my eyeliner-wearing Korean boy bands to enjoy! Ha ha, but I noticed that it does seem to be a trend for Korean boy bands of late . . . Like blatant amounts of it, more than what they would normally need to wear as stage performers . . . 2PM totally does, right? Mn, SS501, U-Kiss, MBLAQ, BEAST . . . And of coarse, the ones I blame for it all, BIG BANG . . . or mostly GD & T.O.P . . . Seriously . . . "Haru Haru"'s practically an eyeliner commercial! . . . Not that it's really all that bad or anything . . . 2PM's styling for "Heartbeat" over does it for me though . . .

In the mean time, my quest to learn more about Korean music! I decided, I should learn people's names as the first step . . . You know, since it makes it easier to fangirl if I know what to call them cause having to say "that-guy-from-SS501-with-the-nice-nose" or "the-guy-from-BEAST-that-doesn't-look-Korean" doesn't work as well . . . I figured I should start with the groups since I can always call them by their English group names if I end up forgetting . . . Korean groups whose members I can now identify(and proof that I DO remember):
- DBSK (JaeJoong/Hero, Yunho/U-Know, ChangMin/Max, Junsu/Xiah, YooChun/Micky)
- BIG BANG (G-Dragon/GD, T.O.P, TaeYang/SOL, SeungRi/V.I., DaeSung/D-Lite)
- SHINee (Key/Kibum, Onew/Jinki, TaeMin, Minho, JongHyun)
- Super Junior (LeeTeuk, HeeChul, SungMin, ShinDong, EunHyuk, KangIn, YeSung, KiBum, DongHae, ShiWon, RyeoWook, KyuHyun)
- 2NE1 (Sandara/Dara, CL, Minzy, Bom)
- SS501 (YoungSaeng, JungMin, KyuJong, HyunJoong, HyunJoon)
- 2PM (NichKhyun, Junsu, Junho, TaeCheon, WooYoung, ChanSung, and . . . JaeBom/Jay)

Next???: BEAST, U-Kiss, 2AM, Brown Eyed Girls, f(x)

Ah, and as a side note, I think I'm going to start up my translating comm again . . . I started on an A.B.C-Z article a couple weeks ago, but I've been busy/lazy of late, so I haven't really finished . . .

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